The Legal Networking App


GCLondon enables prospective clients all over the world to search and discover legal services based right here in London. All significant legal services globally have offices in London looking to discover great clients like you.


Lawyers can discover and connect with great clients worldwide whilst networking with significant members of the legal community. Lawyers can also search, discover and connect with great law firms to be associated and partner with.

Law Firms

Law Firms with an office in London can attract and discover clients globally. Firms can also organise and promote their legal team, attract talent and interact with other firms.


GCLondon's Special Features


Unmatching supports temporary connections that have served their purpose. Users can unmatch with another user profile as and when desired.

Chat Localization

A user can receive chat messages in their own set language. We have a host of majorly used languages and will be expanding our supported languages soon.


Search feature enables users to discover other profiles directly. No more networking by swiping only.

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